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What is Domain IP?

Each website has its own identity that is usually know as domain ip address of that website. For instance google is the domain name of the website. These domain names are very helpful for the common users as these are simple to keep in mind and type in the browser. But you know what really happens when we type a domain name in the address bar of the browser?

The browser knows each website by its IP address and not by its domain name. When we type a domain name in the browser , that address is automatically changed into an IP address. This is called the domain ip address or the website ip address.

ip address

The ip address of a website informs the browser about the server where the website files are stored. Hence by means of this information the website pages are accessed from the exact web server. This is very fast process and the user who is viewing the website in the browser don’t know about this conversion.

Each website has its own domain IP which is different and unique. No two websites can have the similar ip address. For instance the ip address of Yahoo is If we type this IP address in the address bar, Yahoo website will be opened.

Some websites can have more than one website ip addresses. For instance CNN website have more than one ip address. These websites have multiple domain addresses. You can check your website IP address from different online services.