Free Website

Making money online has become very popular these days. People are getting into it passionately because it is a cheap way to earn some smart money from homes. Many students and single moms are earning online. You just need a website or blog for this purpose to make your content available online for readers. For this purpose you have two options. Either you hire a professional to create website for you or you create your own website. Hiring a professional can be costly for you if you are new to internet and do not know much about running a website or earning through website.

Making your own free website is comparatively very easy and convenient. There are so many websites that are offering creating new websites using free software’s and many attractive templates. Creating a free website using these free platforms is very easy. You do not need to put a lot of effort. In case, you are failed to monetize your website or reaching to your goal of earning smart money then you’ll not lose anything. Your material will be always in your hand. Here I am going to tell you about some free platforms where you can create your own free website.


how to create free website

1)Google sites

Google site is a free and easy tool to create free website and pages. It also gives opportunity to share your web pages with world.

2) Wix

You can create your own website and make it look like exactly as you want by using wix. It has features of dragging and dropping. You can add your favorite features by just dropping and dragging. You do not need to know any coding or web programming. You can upload any kind of material on your website using Wix.


DevHub is a platform where you can create your free website without worrying about hosting issues. You can integrate your website with social features and with tools for money making.


It is a very easy to use platform where your can create your website using drag and drop features in no time. You can add very interesting and colorful templates and features to it.


Webs is a free platform where you can make your business content online by creating free website. They offer verity of engaging features.


If you are running your business, then this is the best platform for you to sell your products online for free. You can send news letters to your customers.


It is a free platform to make your own website in no time. You can even use your own domain. This is very simple to use.


Ucoz is a web hosting service with features of building free website and content management. It offers many interesting features to make your website high in ranks.


Yola is a free platform where you can create your own free website by using simple drop and drag features without having nay knowledge of HTML. It allows you to create a professional looking website in no time.


Weebly is a free web application that allows you to create eye catchy website. It has many interesting features. Creating a free website with free hosting is no more a difficult task. There are a lot of platforms that allows you to create free websites. Some of them also allow you to host your website for free. Here is a list of platforms that offers free website creating service.