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Whois of any Domain

Whois, as the very name indicates is the information regarding any domain. It includes age, starting and end date, name of owner and hosting company etc. Whois is the good statistical data provided free to all users which proves to be very much helpful. It of course helps in making decisions and reading and guessing the entire performance of the site.

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Its benefits are exceptionally large. For if you are to invest on any site and you have to watch its statistical data which pertains to its domain as mentioned above it gives you a lot more useful information with the easy of your decision about that. It tells you, who is the owner of the site, for how long the domain is registered, which is the hosting company, what is last uploading and starting date etc. It is rather a blue print sketch of the site. Have a look at it and then decide whether or not the site you are going to deal with is a credible source. Good sites are run for long. They have long working strategies. Google while giving any site PageRank or SERP looks at the age and duration of registration among its other 200 factors. The older the site the better and faster its performance on search engines.


Security regarding whois implies to keep your statistical data confidential so that none except you can access it. You have to pay yearly for this facility. Its disquieting that many such sites have their strong deceiving concerns behind it, for they collect money from their affiliates and run away. But still that may not be the case in many other sites and it is the good option to use against the mishandling of your site.